Considered intolerable

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“Does this much go?” he says. “Or do the Mojave and Baja go with it?” A train of flatcars pounds through town carrying aircraft engines. My mind has drifted outside the building. I am wondering what these people in this dry basin-a mile above sea level-would think if they knew what Deffe yes was doing, if they were confronted with the news tl1at an ocean may open in their town. I will soon find out. “What?” “Are you stoned?” “The way I see it, I won’t be here, so the hell with it.” “It’s a little doubtful. It could be, but it’s a little doubtful.” “If it happens real quick, I guess a couple of people will die, but if it’s like most other things they’ll find out about it hundreds of years before and move people out of here. The whole world will probably go to hell before that happens anyway.” “You mean salt water, crests, troughs, big splash, and flexplek huren almere all that? Don’t sweat it. You’re safe here-as long as Pluto’s out there.” “We got a boat.” “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a couple of years. When I go bye-bye to the place below, why, that water will be there to cool me. I hope it’s Saturday night. I won’t have to take an extra bath.” “It may be a good thing, there’s so many politicians; but they may get an extra boat. I used to be a miner. Oh, I’ve been all over. But now they’ve got machines and all the miners have died.” “The entire history of Nevada is one of plant life, animal life, and human life adapting to very difficult conditions. People here are the most individualistic you can find. As district attorney, I see examples of it every day. They want to live free from government interference. They don’t fit into a structured way of life. This flexplek huren amsterdam area was settled by people who shun progress. Their way of life would be totally unattractive to most, but they chose it. They have chosen conditions that would be considered intolerable elsewhere. So they would adapt, easily, to the strangest of situations.” “I’ve been here thirty-three years, almost half of that as mayor. I can’t quite imagine the sea coming in-although most of us know that this was all underwater at one time. I know there’s quite a fault that runs to the east of us here. It may not be active. But it leaves a mark on your mind.”

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